The Hurt Locker, Director Kathryn Bigelow

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Director Kathryn Bigelow thrives on portraying the largest conflicts of mankind, war. She had early success directing action thrillers like outrageous surfing drama Point Break, the sci-fi thriller Strange Days and the malfunctioning nuclear submarine thriller K-19. She has achieved much more critical and wider appeal in recent years by helping to creating the best war drama about the second gulf with the Hurt Locker, which won her the oscar for best director and won best picture in 2010. Her follow-up to that success was documenting the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden with Zero Dark Thirty a couple of years later which was similarly lauded and acclaimed. She has effectively broken the glass ceiling of filmmaking with her unprecedented golden streak.

In this probing DP 30 interview she articulates her viewpoints amazingly well.

  • 3:15  She talks about what draws her to the subject of war.
  • 10:20 She talks about how story-boarding a screenplay can help to ‘internalize’ the feel that you wish to convey in the story.
  • 13:39 She starts to recount how she transitioned from one art medium to another and what exactly about film grabbed her.
  • 18:25 She begins talking about her first experiences making film shorts.
  • 22:36 She talks about the collaborative nature of the craft and how important it is to gather input from the team around you.
  • 27:54 She is asked what draws her to do films about these stories, whether they contain truth relevancy or topicality. Bigelow is a self-described rebel from the beginnings of her career and any filmmaker that aspires to do something different and unique would be hard-pressed to find a better role-model than the mold-breaking oscar winning director.

This review was done by Jeff Stewart  – Jeff’s Movie Blog

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