Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender Interview

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Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender are a director/actor team that is gaining momentum as one of the best collaborations in contemporary cinema. Hunger, Shame and now 12 Years a Slave. This probing interview with the two is insightful on so many levels.

Here’ an overview of what they talked about.

  • 3:26  Michael talks about their rough start together, as the actor was very stand-offish in their first meeting.
  • 6:00 both of them talk about directing and their takes on their methods. Fassbender especially gives great insight into what a director tries to do every time out, and McQueen gives a good comparison to when things just click in a scene.
  • 11:15 McQueen talks about how far they were willing to take the sexual darkness in Shame.
  • 12:10 Michael talks about what struck him first about the script was the way it was being told.
  • 13:25 McQueen talks about the inclusion of the main character’s sister in the narrative, Michael talks about his own personal connection with that particular part of the story.
  • 15:35 both of them talk about what he wants audiences to do when they watch one of their films. Fassbender elaborates on the dramatized reality of film.
  • 20:25 McQueen talks about the editing process of Joe Walker.
  • 22:30 Michael talks about seeing the finished work on a big screen for the first time, and McQueen talks about what he wants his actors to think about when shooting.
  • 24:10 McQueen talks about the after effects of doing intensive films like Hunger and Shame.
  • 25:12 Michael talks about his own experiences after shooting those types of films.
  • 27:00 the two talk about their feelings on how their work together has been received and how heartening and humbling it all is. The two like all the great actor/director collaborations seem to be on the same page and speak the same language and it is inspiring to see these two talk about their approaches to the craft and how they well they work with each other to further it.

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