Solid Crowdfunding Tips from Prolific Filmmaker Jeff Hays

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A film-maker with a crowdfunding campaign is not a big deal, but a film-maker who’s turned crowdfunding into an income stream is!

If you want to become a film director with a career, this podcast could be your kickstarter!

Sorry I had to go for the easy pun. But seriously this could be some most important advice you’ll ever get. Why? Because before you can become “a good film director”,  you need to make multiple movies, and to do that you need an income stream. A lot of filmmakers pour their heart soul and savings into making one film. Ninety nine percent of them don’t get their money back. A business person realizes part of surviving is an odd’s game. You can’t gamble everything in one attempt. It’s better to go into it with a plan to keep at it. Practice makes perfect and lady luck rewards the persistent. We need a sustainable business model.  If we want to get good at making films, we need to figure out how to get paid. We need to make a living making movies. Here’s what we know.  Profit-motivated investors don’t like to write big checks for films by unknown directors.  You might find an investor who will write one check, but if he doesn’t get a return on his investment, the check-writing stops. Here’s what we don’t know. How to create a repeatable film funding system – an income stream. Here’s the guy who figured it out.   Filmmaker, Jeff Hays seems to have found a good formula for funding multiple films. A dream come true for every film director!

$1.5 million in 6 Consecutive Campaigns 

The podcast is available for download with the link below. The entire interview is inspiring and Dave Asprey from Bullet Proof  is worth checking out especially if you’re into healthy eating.  But if you’re only interested in the crowdfunding part, it starts at 17:28 and runs through approximately 35:00 Notice that this guy is a businessman who’s figured out how to make movies. As filmmakers, we need to adopt his approach or find a producer who will. Sustainable film-making is where it’s at. 

Enjoy!  0:16 – Cool Fact of the Day, 1:15 – Welcome Jeff Hays 2:09 – Jeff’s road to becoming an entrepreneur, 4:43, Avoiding the buzz-saw of failure 9:28 – The importance of language in determining success     15:12 – Avoiding failures by seeking validation 17:28 – Crowd-funding   26:05 – Bought, the Movie   35:47 – Good vs evil in business   39:55 – Health and capitalism   41:40 – Harm reduction and scientific honesty   43:35 – Walking the line between two extremes   47:08 – Top three recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof!    

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