Sell Your Film With No Middle Man

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Most of us realize that we need to make multiple films if we want to become good filmmakers – This is obvious. The hard part can be supporting ourselves in the process, right?  Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. If we’re going to move beyond backyard filmmaking, we need support and help.

In past blog posts I’ve written about getting so good at the craft of directing that you develop a reputation as a “director with chops.”

 JH_directs_Aids1This reputation attracts actors, crew and fans who want to help you and support your film. They recognize the “win-win,” the value in being associated with a creative talent.

Their individual reasons maybe different, but they all want to work with a director who has chops.

This gives you leverage!

An equally important leverage opportunity comes from connecting to a niche audience and working within a genre. Listen to the podcast below.

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The audience is a key factor to the process.

  • Every backyard filmmaker wants the support of an audience.
  • Every career minded filmmaker needs the support of an audience.

So, find out how paying attention to your audience will increase opportunities as well as your chance of success – exponentially! 

Definitely listen to the introduction, even if you don’t have time to listen to the entire podcast right now. This will help you understand why. What Jason’s is saying is incredibly important to you. It will also assure that you’ll come back for the full interview.

Jason’s background working in indie film distribution and his experience making and marketing  his feature film “Sometimes Heroes Ride the Short Bus” is key to appreciating the power of his message.

Here’s are some of the other highlights.

4:00       Sell your film with no middleman
15:45      Filmmaking and being an entrepreneur
24:15      There is more power in creating an audience and having a story to tell than there is in having gear.
30:00     Understanding the foreign sales model.
39:00     Understanding today’s sales model.

Sell Your Film with no Middle Man 

The difference is huge!

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Please let me know what you think of this approach. I’d love to get a dialogue going about it. Leave a comment below, send me an email or hit me on twitter.