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Desperado – Robert Rodriguez – Ten Minute Film School – Part 1

The Making of “El Mariachi” – The Robert Rodriguez Ten Minute Film School

Robert Rodriguez shows you how he made the special effects and stunts in his film PLANET TERROR.


FULL SPEECH – Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez – Moody College of Communication
This talk really gets going at 17:55 when Rodriguez shares how he’s learned from failure. The major theme of this talk is  ”The Ashes of Your Failures are the Keys to Your Success”  Robert then goes on to explain how El Mariachi failed at first. Yes, even tho it became an incredible success, it failed to meet his first objective. This was a key point for me. The film was a failure! If at that point he’d lost momentum he might never have become the “Robert Rodriguez” we know today.He’s down to earth and incredibly motivating.

Here’s one of the YouTube comments “This is the longest video Iv’e ever watched on youtube.I just wish it was longer!LOL RR has inspired me to write scripts,edit,score and create video,and I have done it on an unemployed budget!…” John Shields

Planet Terror – 10 Minute Film School


Wes Anderson – The Filmmaker Part 1 

Wes Anderson -The Intern Journal Part 1

Wes Anderson – Commentary – Bottle Rocket


Filmmaker Wes Anderson: How ‘Bottle Rocket’ Bombed

The Making of Bottle Rocket – Part 1




12 Years A Slave, director Steve McQueen, d.p. Sean Bobbitt

Director Steve McQueen and D.P Sean Bobbitt are a duo that have created some of the most indelible works of the last decade with Hunger, Shame and together recently have created the most unforgettable and disturbing portrait of slavery in 12 Year a Slave. In this interview they talk about they’re decision to show the events to the audience free of manipulative cinematic techniques. Believing this allows audiences to just immerse themselves in the heart of the story.


Grudge Match director Peter Segal


DP/30: The Hurt Locker, director Kathryn Bigelow

Grudge Match director Peter Segal


Steve McQueen on his first encounters with slavery at AFI FEST

Martin Scorsese – Directing Films & Wolf of Wall Street

Quentin Tarantino introduces the Bruce Dern tribute reel at AFI FEST