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Robert Mckee’s Storylogue

This is the guy from adaptation. Robert is the leading script writing guru. I’ve listened to his entire audio series and what I like best is how clearly he breaks the structure down. Robert explains for a fundamentals point of view anchored in confidence from many successful years of writing and teaching. You may at first find find his clear steps limiting but if you dive deep into his materials you’ll find a solid foundation that will serve even the non conformist well.

A Lesson by Robert McKee on 10 traits of faulty dialogue – Part 1


Entering and Exiting Scenes – Framing Techniques

Robert McKee’s Storylogue Q&A: Working with Multiple Protagonists

Q&A: Opening Up The Gap Between Expectation and Result

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How to Write a Script – Creating a Great Antagonist


First Step In Writing A Screenplay by Richard Walter

The Script Lab

Script Tip: How to Write a Logline

Screenplay Structure: The Five Plot Points

Screenplay Structure: Sequences

Screenplay Structure: The Five Plot Points

Ellen Brock

Eight Steps to Writing Interesting and Complex Characters

How to Write Believable Character

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