Resource – Cinematography Tutorials

HDDSLR Cinema with Vincent Laforet: 10:00 am – Introduction: Still Photos vs Video

A Guide to Basic Cinematography

This video “A Guide to Basic Cinematography” is a great for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up. This is a very ambitious student project. It starts a little slow, but does a really nice job showing real movie examples as a “Picture in Picture” with what he’s shot. This is a nice touch!

How to Film a Dialogue Scene: Angles, Framing & Rule of Thirds

Tom does a nice job with all of his videos. He’s spent a lot of time in the field, so he not only knows the theory, he practices it. This is a concise well don video that will help you mange scene space so your shots cut together better.

Photography Tips: Composition & Camera Angles

Kubrick – Beyond Perspective

This is a young guy using YouTube to dive deeper into the craft of cinema. I love it! And, he does a nice job showing us the power of perspective. But be on the lookout for a mistake. He mentions that a balanced shot produces anxiety. By itself, a balanced shot tend to produce harmony. The extreme subjective point of view of the child seeing the girls and the sequence it self produces anxiety.

The Art of Photography – Episode 18 :: Composition

You can never go wrong getting back to the basics when it comes to composition and photographers spend a lot of energy on this because their photo is still. I spent years apprenticing for still photographers and I’m thankful for it. Cinematography is an extension of photography, so it’s worth seeing what they have to say. I’m surprised that a few of his videos are slightly out of focus. I guess he thought the info was what was most important. He’s got great info, so I included him. Even tho I hate seeing him out of focus. Oh, well 😉

The Art of Photography – Episode 30 :: Minimalist Composition Techniques

The Art of Photography – Episode 13 :: Lenses Part 1

USC School of Cinema Arts

I’ve got a few of these videos throughout. They start in the “producing & development” section of this guide. And, these are edited clips of a class sponsored by YouTube. All in all they did a pretty nice job editing together some valuable info. What I like best is the way the instructor works to bring all creative camera a decisions back to the emotional tone of the story. This is a great introduction to working from story intent.

YouTube Creator Institute – Cinematography, Lighting


Some of the camera setup section in this next one is a little slow, but it’s good info for beginners. I also have this in the sound section and I think it’s solid. If you don’t have a clue about recording location sound here’s a great mini course.

YouTube Creator Institute – Camera Package Setup & Location Sound Basics


The Simple Math of Correct Exposure 

This is a very comprehensive video to help you understand exposure and how it’s interdependent on tone, light levels, shutter, aperture and ISO. The instructor does a nice job breaking tone tone and helping the viewer understand how the camera process light as it pertains to tone. This is incredibly important stuff if you’re going to do anything other then point, shoot and hope for the best.

Mike Browne

Another photographer and another great tutorial. Mike not only knows his stuff he’s a great instructor. Spend enough time to learn the basics of color temperature if you want your colors to be correct, and especially if you want to use color to create mood. Who doesn’t want to create mood?

Color Temperature

HDDSLR Cinema with Vincent Laforet: 6:00 pm – Bonus: Vincent Laforet & Chase Jarvis Chat