A Quick Guide About Camera Blocking Part 1

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John Holser and John Romeo discuss camera blocking, moving actors and moving the camera. They also review ten questions directors can use to help them analyze a scene so they are ready to block with purpose.

Once you have a solid grasp of the scene, you are more likely to be flexible with change, as long as the change doesn’t alter the intent of the scene or the character. Without solid understanding an important story point could be easily dropped. Some directors are so insecure in their understanding of the scene that they protect every line. Rigidly refusing to let even organic change to take place. Trying to control too much will suck the life from your scene. Understanding the intent of your scene will keep things fresh and anchored in truth.

Ten scene questions to help director’s direct.

  1. What are the MAIN POINTS to get across to the audience? These are possibly answers to previous questions, new questions and points to keep the audience engaged.
  2. What is the scene’s DRAMATIC  INTENT and why is it important to the screen play?
  3. Where do the PLOT POINTS exist within the scene and how do they move the story forward?
  4. What are the SCRIPT BEATS and how does the story change direction here?
  5. What lines of dialogue contain STORY POINTS?
  6. What are the emotional and physical POINTS OF ACTION?
  7. Which character is in CONTROL of the scene?
  8. Is there a character change, and if so, where and with whom?
  9. Where is the scene’s turning point or resolution?
  10. How does the scene what’s the CONCLUSION?


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