Struggling with Film & Video Project Opportunities?

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It’s really hard when you’re struggling to find film & video project opportunities. What do you do to stay motivated and move forward?

I have an important and maybe slightly personal question.

  • Are you serious about making a film, video, or developing a career in the industry?
  • Are you struggling with motivation?
  • Do you have advice for anyone who is?

These can be  rhetorical questions if you like, or if you’re willing to engage, I’d be interested in hearing where you’re at.

I’m asking because I know it’s easy to get stuck.

“Stuck” has happened to me many times. I’ve even had a few occasions where it seemed more like I totally dropped out! Luckily I had a few friends and a mentor that were willing to help me find a new direction and much needed motivation. Some had suggestions, but it was most helpful when they just asked me clarifying questions. I found the deeper into the question I dug, the more helpful it was.

We have the answers, but it often takes others to get them out of us.

So, if you’re willing, I have a few important questions for you.

  • Are you actively taking steps to make things happen for your project or career?
  • Does overwhelmed engulf you when think about your next steps?
  • Do you have a process for getting and staying motivated?
  • Have you asked for help?
  • Are you willing to create a supportive network?
  • Who’s in your corner?

I finally asked for help. 

I hired website consultant Chad Currin.

This was difficult in a way I think you might be able to relate with.

  • I’m a DIY guy and I don’t spend money easily
  • I read a lot of internet marketing stuff, so I understand the concepts
  • I’ve been creating TV ads and corporate videos a long time, so I’ve been around marketing for years
  • I believe I’m smarter then I am. (Not in general, but on specific topics)
  • I hate to ask for help

So, as you can imagine this was hard. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and thought I was doing just fine – until I was shown how to read analytics and measure results. Boy am I glad I did. In less then two hours, Chad showed me some fundamental problems with my approach. Things I wouldn’t have thought to look at. In hind sight this is not surprising – right?  I didn’t know what “just fine” was.

I mean Chad does this for a living. Why wouldn’t he see things I didn’t.

It’s common sense, or is it?

In all fairness, I was doing some things well, so integrating these changes will be time consuming, but it won’t be a monumental task. Chad is now working with me as a coach of sorts. We’re creating strategy based on my goals. Goals that came from asking a lot of questions. Strategy comes from goals and result in tasks to complete. Under Chad’s guidance a task list will be established and I’ve given him permission to hold me accountable. I work best when I have someone other then myself to answer to.

Can you think of a time where you thought you understood a process only to find you “didn’t know, what you didn’t know”?

Could you please help me for the next ninety seconds?

I want to learn more about you and what you want to get out of film & video making. I have a multiple choice questionnaire. Eight questions – ninety seconds. It would help me a lot if you’d quickly fill it out.

DFF Filmmaker Survey Form

Do you need help? Do you have insights that could help others?  Leave a comment on this blog. Tell us what you’re struggling with or what you’re doing to stay motivated and moving forward.

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It helps to acknowledge where you’re at by writing. I appreciate having to opportunity to write for you. It helps!