How to Get Film Crew, Actors and Locations at a Discount

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Here’s a broad list of what you need for your movie

Obtaining these for free or at a discount is as good and even better then money in the bank.

  • Skilled Technicians
  • Great locations
  • The best tools & equipment. (The best for the job not the best available)
  • Perfect Props
  • Authentic Wardrobe
  • Fantastic Food
  • Timely Transportation

As independent filmmakers we need to make every indie nickel work like a studio dollar. 

In this post I’m going to show you how to get these and more at a discount.

The first and most important thing to understand is cast, crew and any merchant supplying locations, props and any service are ultimately investors in your film.

Unless your doing big budget movies everyone discounting they’re products and film crew services.

Sometimes it’s a serious discount!

Why do skilled technicians, artists and everyday merchants offer discounts to filmmakers?

Please don’t say “for a chance to work on a film”  or I’ll come through the screen and shake you. ahhhh

Not really, but I’ll want to. That’s how important I think this point is.

People who are good and have good stuff to offer have plenty “filmmaking opportunities.”

What they want is a stepping stone film. They want a chance to leverage their time and their skills into something they can show off and be proud of.  They want to parlay your project into more and better paying opportunities. 

Film crews want to work on stepping stone film projects

The more experienced they are the more picky they will be about the filmmakers they will discount for.

Trust me, I’ve worked on numerous films at a discounted rate. I’ve turned even more down because they didn’t have their shit together.

Think about it. Why would I get on a project I know isn’t set up properly?

The problem is most new filmmakers don’t know, what they don’t know. They think their project is set up for success until they get onset and it becomes a free for all. They get footage, but it hardly represents the film they had in their minds.

In many cases, they finish shooting without enough coverage to actually edit the film together.

That hurts everyone!  

Unless you’re soliciting total filmmaking newbies that haven’t yet experienced the disappointment of a poorly planned or unfinished film project they’ll want more.

Once you’ve been on a dud one, you can recognize an unrealistic over-scheduled undermanned problem project. 

You won’t get the good people at a discount unless they see opportunity.

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If you want to delegate you need skilled people

Unskilled people without a specific responsibility or proper supervision will only slow you down. That’s a fact!

Even a great scripts needs a solid shooting plan if it’s going to be a stepping stone film.

Good cinematographers, talented actors and seasoned crew-members are constantly looking for projects and leaders that can finish a stepping stone film.

Everybody wants something of value in exchange for what they’re suppling.

Value means different things to different people.

You need to see the value of your project through the eyes of each.

Thats the key!

Discounts are given in exchange for value

As filmmakers we need to make others believe in our vision by creating a path to success others can understand and believe in.

It’s important to help others see your film project as a package, a stepping stone film that is going to be completed and one they would want to be involved with.

Everyone wants to be apart of projects they believe might go somewhere.

They want “coat tails”

When a filmmaker structures a project correctly, it creates a win-win scenario for film crew and everyone involved.

These scenarios turn every nickel spent into a dollar of value. A properly structured project adds massive value to people with special interests.

That’s leverage!

The beauty of all of this is that regardless of what level filmmaker you are or what kind of film you’re making, setting a project up for success is well within your grasp.

Did you hear that clearly?

Whether you’re spending $200 or $200,000, the laws of leverage work the same way.

Success doesn’t need to be a big money payback. For beginners it can be as simple as a good work environment and a finished film.

Sounds silly I know, but many first timers don’t even finish their first film.  – This is a crime!

Please follow through, edited and show your film. I speak for every filmmaker as I say, “We’ve all made a shitty film.”

You make it and you learn from it.

Please, just make sure you set up the film for success and finish it. The same investors (people who helped you) and film crew will only come back and help again if you finished making “everybody’s” stepping stone film.