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012 BFW Podcast Episode 12

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 FROM A DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY POV In this podcast were going to learn to think like a DP. We’ll look what goes into critical thinking for a Director of Photography and how the DP digests information differently from other department heads. If you're goal is to take your film production to the next level the information

Cameras & Credit Cards Episode 7

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In this episode the crew is busy visiting numerous locations including an abandoned warehouse where they are planning the "naked scene" the "villain alter" and the "jump to death" . The grips go shopping for gear and Director Bob Manganelli is on the verge of tears and states "no single person is going to hold

Cameras & Credit Cards – The Trailer

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I had no sooner finished working as Co-Directior /Director of Photography on a thriller based short film that I began to contemplate the idea of making a feature length. The short had turned out well so knew I had a certain level of skill, but I sensed there was much I needed to learn but