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Directing Children & Non-Actors

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Does the Thought of Directing Children & Non-Actors Keep You Awake at Night? It doesn't need to. In this post I'm going to show you what to look for in an untrained actor, as well as how you can use three proven techniques while directing children & non-actors in truly believable performances. You will see a big difference in

Are You Over or Under Directing Actors ?

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  Some of this likely comes from on-set nerves because most new film directors don’t yet know how to use pre-production to discover what kind of guidance an actor needs. Where do you fall on the "over or under directing actors spectrum?"   If I'm not careful I tend to swing toward over directing. I know

3 Tips for Directing Actors Onset

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3 Steps for Creating A Great Shooting Plan — John Holser (@JohnHolser) February 25, 2015 Over-directing is common, but unfortunately not limited to the first time director. If you're talking in-between takes for more than fifteen to twenty seconds, you're likely confusing the actor and wasting time. Conversations about backstory, character development and relationship dynamics

Dramatic Scene Beats & Directing Film

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Have you ever heard of “dramatic scene beats”, sometimes simply called “beats”? If you haven’t, you’ll want to read on because these little things are packed full of power. In this post, I'm going to help you understand: What constitutes a dramatic beat. How to identify and breakout beats. How to use dramatic beats to enhance your

Type Casting Cats and Directing Actors

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I just listened to NPR’s Fresh Air's Terry Gross interview the Coen Brothers about their movie Inside LIewyn Davis. By the way, Terry Gross is a master interviewer and she often interviews directors, actors and other creative types. In this interview Terry asked the brothers about working with the cat and directing actors in the

How to direct film actors forcing a performance?

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All directors should take acting classes and participate "silly" acting exercises. I say silly, because I felt incredibly silly when I began doing them. I’m much more comfortable observing emotion with a camera than I am exploring it in an acting exercise. I want to be clear, the exercises are not silly, they are very