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Video Lighting for Producers & Directors

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This post is for directors and producers who want to get better at communicating vision and managing on set resources with video lighting.  The above image is an overhead view of a lighting plan. It's a little more complicated than what I would sketch for field work, but that's because I'm going to use this

Video Lighting -Too Much Contrast

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Let's take a look at a common video lighting location challenge - too much contrast.  The kitchen has too much contrast to expose for shadow and highlight detail simultaneously. The dynamic range is beyond what the camera can handle.  The top raincoat image is exposed correctly if the objective is to see detail in the shadow areas.

Four Lighting Tips for Film & Video Directors

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Understanding fundamentals will help you work faster while creating images with style and emotional intent. We’ll share with you four lighting tips in this post. If you’re an indie director, you’ll most likely be shooting some or all of your own footage. This means you’re responsible for exposure and mood, even if you’re hiring someone

012 BFW Podcast Episode 12

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 FROM A DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY POV In this podcast were going to learn to think like a DP. We’ll look what goes into critical thinking for a Director of Photography and how the DP digests information differently from other department heads. If you're goal is to take your film production to the next level the information

DSLR Lighting Quick Tips

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1. Decide ahead of time if you want low, mid, or high key lighting. This depends on the mood you want for the scene. These cameras record a 4:2:0 color space so, unlike recording in RAW, 4:4:4 or even 4:2:2 recording you don’t have the ability to do big color grading changes in post when

Location Lighting for Video & Film

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Regardless of whether you’re shooting a scene for your short film, capturing interior footage for a documentary, or conducting a corporate interview, location lighting can be both challenging and rewarding. It’s a rare occasion when you can point a light directly at someone and have it look good. One of the most important aspects of location