Cameras & Credit Cards – Episode 2

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Cameras & Credit Cards is a behind the scenes in progress documentary containing over 180 hours of independent film-maker footage. The footage is full of some wonderful stories and insightful information, but it  has sat waiting to be edited for far too long.

So, with the help of high school student Hunter Dimin, we’re editing and releasing the footage in an episodic web format.

In this episode we meet After Image Producer/ Tow Truck Driver Chris Nakis as he goes door to door asking everyone to invest in his film.  Chris believes he can raise a million dollars, one hundred dollars at a time. He’s a man with a plan and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

We also drop in on Director, Bob Manganelli and co-producer John Cocca as they work form Chris’s AAA service station on what seems to be exciting deals with “producers” located in Hollywood. The producers claim to have access to some big name actors but the boys might be asking them to “put-up” or shut up.

Do you think Chris should sign the contract?

If you’re looking for more behind the scenes footage on After Image and our other filmmakers check out our YouTube page.

Enjoy !

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