Right Ingredients for a Successful Documentary

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Right Ingredients for a Successful Documentary

This will be the first in a series of post where I'll be sharing what I think are the right ingredients for a successful documentary. I'm not going to talk about them in the abstract, but instead I'm going to outline what they are as I put my money where my mouth is and share all the

Do you think like a film director?

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If you're a filmmaker who's wants to make great films, you'll want to explore what motivates human beings. Do you know the inner life of your characters, what makes them tick? Why am I asking? I'm asking because unless you're serious about exploring human beings you'll never make great films. You might make pretty pictures or videos

Directing Children & Non-Actors

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Does the Thought of Directing Children & Non-Actors Keep You Awake at Night? It doesn't need to. In this post I'm going to show you what to look for in an untrained actor, as well as how you can use three proven techniques while directing children & non-actors in truly believable performances. You will see a big difference in

Are You Over or Under Directing Actors ?

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  Some of this likely comes from on-set nerves because most new film directors don’t yet know how to use pre-production to discover what kind of guidance an actor needs. Where do you fall on the "over or under directing actors spectrum?"   If I'm not careful I tend to swing toward over directing. I know

Three Legs of Film Directing – Camera Blocking

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I like to look at film directing as having three major legs, each comprised of many skills sets. Directing Performance Camera Blocking Directing Story In this post, I’m going to pickup where the last post left off and get into camera blocking. If you haven’t read the last post it’s called "Three Legs of Film