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In this podcast were going to learn to think like a DP.

We’ll look what goes into critical thinking for a Director of Photography and how the DP digests information differently from other department heads.

If you’re goal is to take your film production to the next level the information contained in this podcast will set you up for success!

Anyone who’s been shooting or directing for any amount of time has experienced the person who in the early stages of planning describing a scene by saying  “what if”  followed by more fragmented information about something happening. This very information is what the Director of Photography must turn into a tangible shooting plan. One that can be efficiently executed and most importantly one that enhances the story. Lens choices, lighting design, actor blocking, composition and camera movement are all filters a DP must process this “what if” information through.

The most precious hours of any film project is when the camera is rolling, so the DP wants to have a clear plan for shoot day. Regardless of the size of your production having a DP that knows how to process preliminary information and turn it into specific actions will result in more time shooting, less time talking and better results. Sound like a good idea?

All writing, pre-visualization, shot list creation and other various preproduction is work ultimately done to give you more time to shoot.

Apply these professional techniques to your project and watch your films improve ten fold!

The systems I’ve presented and will continue to share in this and the next podcast are proven by generations of filmmakers. I feel fortunate to have learned them and I’m happy to share them with you. All I ask is that you in return share this post with a friend, who like you and I want to make their next movie even better then their last.

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